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How is amatsu different?

Amatsu is primarily a physical treatment.
However, what makes Amatsu different to other treatments you may have come across
is that it not only views your body as a whole, it takes into consideration that your entire life impacts on how you feel.
There are many factors that affect our well-being and, in Amatsu, this is represented by the Godai, or 'Big Five'.
These factors are:

    Physical                   impact, damage, wear-and-tear or imbalance in muscles,        

                                     ligaments, bones, tendons  

    Chemical                  the food/drink we consume, how hydrated you are, drugs alcohol,

    Emotional                 stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, (now or in the past)

    Electrical                   nerve issues, exposure to computer screens, TV or mobile phones

    Environmental         the work we do, where we live, our pastimes and hobbies,

                                        time spent in Nature, our family circumstances, having support

When I am working with you, I am always aware of these factors and how they are impacting

on your well-being as well as focusing on the pain or discomfort you are feeling in your body.

The treatment is gentle and helps to restore your body’s own ability to repair itself

in a very relaxing yet revitalising way, working on several levels,employing

Anma,  Setai,  Shinden  or  Kenku-jutsu  skills.

These four areas of Amatsu Therapy are not kept Separate and blend into each other during treatment;
for example, points on a limb may be stimulated (Anma), whilst the limb is gently moved for positional release (Seitai).
This is a pleseant process, suitable for young and old alike. There are no hard adjustments in Amatsu,and the majority of clients

find the treatment to be very relaxing. which can leave you feeling lighter, brighter and generally more complete.


What can I expect from a session ?

A session in Amatsu is often called a ‘balance‘ as the Principle and intent behind every treatment is to bring balance to the body which naturally results in pain relief and better symmetry.


The first session offers time to discuss your medical history as well as "hands on" treatment time.


Most treatments are carried out fully clothed, although when Anma-massage is the most suitable solution for your problem you may be asked to remove some clothing to make the treatment easier.

Patients will generally require between 1- 6 treatments initially, subsequent and occasional follow up treatment may be required.

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