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Being a Pilates instructor for the last 9 years has given me good body awareness and body control. There are however times when I encounter pains and imbalances which I am not able to correct myself. Over the last few years Owen has always been able to help me when I have encountered such problems. These problems have included sacro-iliac issues, discomfort and pain which have come from having a tight jaw and bunion pain.  Aside from being a Pilates instructor I also ride horses daily which unfortunately sometimes means taking falls. Owen has helped my body recover faster from the results of these falls which have included concussion and tendon injury.  When my body feels fine I still like to continue with my sessions as I think Amastu is a great way to keep my body in check and in balance for the busy lifestyle which

I have. Thanks Owen for the great care!

—  Jennifer Harnett

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