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History of Amatsu

Hichi Buku Goshin Jutsu Ryu translates as

‘The secret flower opening school for the defence of the self’.

The school’s ancient principles form the scrolls called the Tatara meaning ‘sky harbour’ or literally ‘divine residence and God's port’. Amatsu emerged from deep studies of Japanese Martial Arts which are dedicated to the protection of body, mind and spirit.


These principles are a collaboration of martial arts, medicine, philosophy, strategy and religion that have been practised in Japan for centuries.Amatsu  uses soft tissue and mobilisation techniques that are rooted in the ancient Japanese ‘feeling’ practised by Dr. Hatsumi and developed by Dennis Bartram. .Amatsu’s breakthrough in the west began in 1986 when Dennis Bartram first discovered Dr Hatsumi’s work, and then in 1995 when Dennis, William Doolan and Christopher Roworth made history as the first non-Japanese therapists to be taught the ancient healing principles of the Tatara by Dr Hatsumi.

They were all granted Menkyo Kaiden (full teach​ing rights).

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