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Amatsu treats the whole body, not just the symptoms

The treatment combines therapeutic Skills such as :


Craniosacral Therapy,

Spinal Mobilising,

Ligamentous Balancing,

Structural alignment techniques,

Neuromuscular Re-patterning,

Remedial Massage and Postural Techniques.


These are combined to relieve discomfort that you may be feeling. Amatsu is a gentle non-invasive treatment and works to promote growth, repair and restoration of normal function; it is suitable for any age group.

Essentially it is a physical therapy, based upon principles of natural and integrated movement to restore well-being and balance.


The therapist gently mobilizes and manipulates the body to improve flexibility, Symmetry and posture. It is helpful both to relieve acute or chronic conditions, such as back pain, injuries, stiffness or pain in the joints, headache, neck pain, stress and fatigue. Used as regular maintenance, it is also a valuable form of preventative medicine

Amatsu successfully treats :  Muscular or joint issues anywhere in the body
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