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Cranio Sacral 


This literally means 'the head (and spine)'. It is the name given to Amatsu' s approach to balancing the cranial mechanism of the head and spine. It is an integral part of the therapy. The head governs all spinal movement (where the head goes, the body follows), The head (cranium) is the governing centre for many of the body’s vital systems such as respiratory and breathing, blood pressure, blood sugar, digestion, hormones. In addition, amazingly around 90 per cent of the nervous system is under the control of the brain.

The cranial bones move in a gentle, synchronised way to accommodate the expansion and return of the brain’s fluid system. This fluid system stretches from the head to the pelvis nourishing our organs and balancing nerve activity. Trauma to this mechanism can result in a variety of physical ill health symptoms. This fragile and complex system can also be affected by birth trauma, blows to the head, dental occlusion problems and even stress.
Kenku helps to balance, regulate and maintain this vital system

to complement the other levels of Amatsu. (ATA)

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