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Structural Alignment


This literally means 'to correct the body'.
The Seitai level of study incorporates the same principles and fundamentals as Anma but with the technique application now primarily focused on the ligamentous system. Ligaments act as a support and movement suspension system for the stability of joint and bone movement. Injury or illness alters the pulls on muscles and ligaments around these joint structures.  Seitai works to balance, realign and integrate joint movement,

which will aid the integration of all of the body’s systems to help to re-balance and realign the key mechanical and energetic structures.
It focuses on the head, neck ,spine pelvis and feet to bring about symmetry
and paralateral movement.
This treatment technique is used to re- align and re-balance the person from head to toe, whilst balancing the meridian circuits of the body and the intrinsic cranio-sacral system. This restoration of symmetry gives a boost to homeostasis (immune system) with a reduction of body strains. Seitai is the aspect of Amatsu medicine which most closely resembles Western osteopathy, although in practice, it tends to be much more gentle.                                                                                                                      


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