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Viscera & Fascia


This wonderful technique involves the correction of ligament imbalances of the joints and facial pulls on the organs of the body. Shinden utilises the interaction of the ligamental system and works to alter the pulls in the fascial tissues that surround and support vital organs to optimise their function.It is the heart of  Amatsu Therapy.


In this approach, the ligaments are employed to spring tensions that have become locked into body structures blocking the flow of energy. Old strains leave a footprint of the injury or illness that continues to malfunction for many years. These patterns lay the foundation for many illnesses we encounter, especially when our immune systems are lowered due to stress.


It is precisely these patterns that this method addresses. Shindenjutsu means to find the pivot (fulcrum) and fluid drive through a point. it's concerned with fluid dynamics.

​Shinden Jutsu works to address  imbalances to bring about the freedom of movement and integration of organ structure and function.(ATA)  


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